Aliya Smith Photography Blog

  1. The Rices Autumn 2017

    Date 06 Dec 2017
    I’ve been photographing Katherine and Tyler since they got engaged back in 2013. It’s been four years of gathering beautiful documentation of the development of their lives together. Crosley’s a year old and I’ve gotten to snap photos of this family twice since he’s come into the world. Here are…

  2. Sakeenah and Mustafa Engagement

    Date 21 Mar 2017
    It has been way, way, way too long since the last time I posted any photos on this website. I’ve been so focused on my illustration and personal photography that I’ve let engagement and lifestyle photography take a back seat. I will be creating a post to promote that site…

  3. Blue.

    Date 06 Apr 2016
    I’ve lately missed photographing a lot, but since I started working at Sun in my Belly, it’s been increasingly difficult to schedule time for personal work Well I went ahead and got a handsome friend to join me on a day trip to Rome, GA so that we could explore…

  4. Nine Mile Merchandise Shoot

    Date 15 Mar 2016
    I rarely shoot for companies, but when I do, I only work with the best Nine Mile is the first restaurant I worked at and it was such a wonderful start to an often slandered industry. They recently asked me to photograph their new t-shirts and hoodies because they wanted…

  5. Ben and Guppy

    Date 14 Jan 2016
    I had the pleasure of photographing my good friend Ben and his perfect companion, Guppy. This was such a relaxed, sweet shoot, but it was so cold out that we couldn’t keep the sweet pup out for too long or she was going to get insanely fussy Hope you all…

  6. Autumn with these sweet men

    Date 02 Jan 2016
    As always, photographing the Ash-Filardo boys was filled with laughter and like-mindedness. We are always on the same page, which is such a wonderful part of photographing people more than once. You learn how to work with one another better every time and you continue to get joy and wonderful…

  7. Erin and Howard

    Date 13 Oct 2015
    I will forever love love, and these two exhibit love in such a pure way. Erin and Howard are another couple who met and married within the same year and there is something so incredibly special about that immediate bond. When you know, you know.

  8. A day on the belt line

    Date 06 Oct 2015
    I’ve lost some great relationships after deciding to live with friends, but I’ve also built strength and love with friends while living with them. This situation is a great one and I’m so glad Eryn and I crossed paths and decided to move in together Recently, I went to her…

  9. Nebulae

    Date 22 Sep 2015
    So about a month ago, Jacob Khan was doing my hair based on a photo of Aurora Borealis and we decided that we would collaborate on a shoot inspired by various nebulae and although there were some (extremely frustrating) technical difficulties along the way, this shoot was an absolute blast…

  10. Ash-Filardo Wedding

    Date 22 Aug 2015
    I cannot tell you all how thankful I am to get to see so much love through my job. And I hate calling it a job, because it never feels like that. It feels like a complete blessing to be able to provide tangible reminders of the beauty that people…

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